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As part of a collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto is taught in Hospital Cuf Porto an elective course on sports traumatology.
It aims to teach fundamental concepts of diagnosis and treatment of the most frequent pathologies in this area, thus arousing the students interest in the injuries that affect not only elite athletes as well as amateur practitioners extending that way the possibilities of future literature and scientific research.

The contents were defined according to anatomical areas with greater prevalence of sports lesions. The approach of the themes will be done by experts in the area, to allow the students to contact with the newest techniques.

Topics include:

  1. Sports physiology
  2. Biomechanics of sports lesions
  3. Meniscus and Ligamentous lesions in the knee
  4. Complex Ligamentous lesions in the knee
  5. Chondral lesions of the knee and patellar instability
  6. Shoulder Instability
  7. Foot and Ankles sports lesions
  8. Sports lesions in children and teenagers
  9. Overuse injuries and biological therapies
  10. Sports Injuries Prevention/ Rehabilitation

In addition to the lectures and practices in the Hospital CUF (Porto), students also have the opportunity to move to LABIOMEP in order to contact with the most modern technologies available in the laboratory of biomechanics of Porto. 
Only in the post-graduate setting it is possible to acquire competences in these specific areas.