Body Damage Assessment

The consultation to assess body damage aims to analyze the injuries and sequelae suffered by the patient who has suffered an accident at work, of road or personal, in which there is a temporary and/or permanent disability, to finally issue an Expert Medical Report.

The expert examination, in the context of the post-traumatic bodily damage evaluation, is a specialized medical act, performed by a Medical Expert, which is a physician with postgraduate training in the area of post-traumatic bodily damage evaluation.

The Knee and Shoulder Clinic has professionals specialized in this area, who accumulate extensive experience in body damage assessment under various rights, such as labor law and civil law.  

The clinical staff of the Knee and Shoulder Clinic is focused on the thorough and complete approach of each case in order to make the more rigorous, objective and exempt assessment, being available to follow and guide the patients at all stages of their damage assessment process.

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